Please note that the terms and definitions used herein shall have the same meaning as in the Collector Terms and the Creator Terms of the Company, which are accessible here:

The Service uses Stripe Inc. as a payment service provider to facilitate the purchase of Collectibles in the Service. Where applicable, payments in the Service are subject to transaction fees charged by Stripe Inc. according to their terms and conditions.


Fee type


1.1. Creator platform fee

The Creator shall pay to the Company as a platform fee 30% of the Collectible price for every Collectible that is sold by the Creator to a Collector.

1.2. Collector platform fee

The Collector shall pay to the Company as a platform fee 5% of the Collectible price for a Collectible that is sold by the Collector to another Collector. Please note that the Collector may also have an obligation to pay to the Creator a royalty fee in accordance with the pricing set by the Creator.

1.3. Transfer fee

The Collector or the Creator shall pay to the Company as a transfer fee 2,9% of the Collectible price that is transferred outside the Service. The price of the Collectible shall be the price with which the Collectible was last disposed of in the Service.


2.1. All other fees and payments than ancillary fee(s) shall be automatically distributed to the recipient upon the execution of the relevant action. Ancillary fees shall be invoiced separately as is agreed upon between the Company and the Creator or the Collector.

2.2. All payments shall be made in euros (€). Payments in other official currencies than euro may be subject to currency exchange fees as charged by an applicable service provider of the Company.

2.3. Fees that are based on an hourly rate shall be billed for every starting half an hour.

2.4. Applicable taxes shall be added to the fees.

2.5. Invoicing, where invoicing is applicable, will be done after each separate delivery or work if not otherwise agreed. Term of payment shall be 14 days net.

2.6. Where applicable, the Company may charge interest on overdue amounts. Interest will be calculated from the due date to the date of payment (both inclusive) at an annual percentage rate in accordance with the Finnish Interest Rates Act.

2.7. The Company reserves the right to change the fees and to institute new charges and fees at any time. The changes enter into force on the date specified by the Company, however no earlier than two (2) weeks after sending the notice to the Collector or the Creator.

2.8. If the Creator or the Collector does not agree to the changes in fees, the Creator or the Collector must notify the Company about the non-acceptance in written form, after which the Creator’s or the Collector’s right to use the Service ceases and this Agreement will be terminated according to the provisions of the Agreement this price list is an annex to.