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Kollekt’s Holder’s Area is packed with tools to provide utilities and engage your community. We listen to our Creators and their holders closely for new feature requests.

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What is Kollekt?

Kollekt is a next generation platform for digital collectibles. Kollekt bridges the gap between creators, artists, and traditional brands with their respective audiences, by offering exclusive digital collectibles, experiences, and content that are unavailable elsewhere.

What are digital collectibles?

Digital collectibles are units of data that utilise blockchain (NFT) technology to verify the authenticity and ownership of each asset. Digital collectibles are unique and therefore not interchangeable. Digital collectibles are tied to real life experiences, events and other perks that are called utilities.

How can my business join Kollekt?

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Can I trade or sell my digital collectibles?

Not quite yet, but soon yes! As the digital ownership of each asset can be verified, they can also be traded or sold. Starting Q3/2023, each creator will have their own dedicated marketplace for seamless peer-to-peer trading of digital collectibles.

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